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Square Dance Lessons for Beginners on Video DVDs
Instant Hoedown Square Dance Set - 2 Video DVDs and 1 Music CD

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Our Square Dance Lessons and Dancing DVDs are all-region and will play worldwide. The DVD navigation is very simple - lessons and dances are selectable through our menu screens. All of our products are FUN - lively music, bright coordinated colors, and they are all professionally made and a joy to watch. On our instructional DVDs the downward angle lets you see what is going on with ease.

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Instant Hoedown!    $30
No Experience Necessary Square Dance Lessons 2-DVD / 1-CD set
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Have a square dance party, even if you have never square danced before! Includes 10 easy square dance lessons with dancing following each lesson for instant fun. Beginners can be dancing in 10 minutes, making it perfect for schools or a western themed party - no experience necessary! Each lesson builds on the previous lessons allowing you to fill 15 minutes or an entire evening with learning and fun exercise for a wide range of age groups*. The square dance calls are explained and demonstrated on two DVDs with 21 dances using the calls that are taught. Two demonstration dances using additional calls are also included. The music and calls for all 23 dances are also included on a CD so can be enjoyed wherever a CD player is available. The DVD insert lists the times for the lessons, walkthroughs, and dances to help in lesson planning for use in schools, home schooling, clubs, and other organizations. Each lesson and dance is in its own chapter for easy access with a simple menu system. *Dancers must know their right from their left, and children should have adult supervision.

 Instant Hoedown Lesson Plan (doc format)
 Detailed CD and DVD contents
 Dance call sheets (words & calls for every dance)

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