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Square Dance Photos of Live Appearances

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From the Calvary Assembly of God, Orlando -- April 2008
“Your group is the Top of the Line. Our Hee Haw
Hoedown was a great experience and we appreciate your professionalism.”

2013-04-13 Mormon Pioneer Trek Dance 2013-04-13 Dancing for a Moose Club
Mormon Pioneer Trek Dance Dancing for a Moose Club
2008-04-19 Dancing at Calvary Assembly 2007-08-26 Orlando City Hall
Dancing at Calvary Assembly Dancing at Orlando City Hall
2007-06-16 UCF Demo 2007-06-16 UCF Demo
Dancing at the University of Central Florida
2007-05-02 Saint Luke's 2007-08-26 TH at Orlando City Hall
Dancing at Saint Luke's With Orlando's Mayor Dyer

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